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Economics / Re: Investment
« Last post by Hampuz on Today at 01:10:12 PM »
Something wrong with the site? Seen about probably 15 people that wanna buy but it only expires.. Hard to see that they would just quit it 15times.. You know anything?
That's awesome!

Perhaps we should advertise the bounties available for projects like this and others on bitcointalk, unless it's already been done. Let me know and I'll happily go through our site and create new posts over there for such!

Big props for Jay in NY! Your an IFC pioneer!

Why is infinite coins valued so low despite being positioned in top 15 currencies?

This is down to there being significantly more IFC around, the more of something there is the less value it has per coin. The benefit of this is that IFC is clearly more suited as a currency unlike so many other coins which scream investment and won't survive as a currency when the inevitable crash comes, just like the dot com crash those coins without solid foundations and those masquarading as currencies will disappear, those few that are left will reap the reward.
Project Development / Re: Lets get IFC to businesses! (Bounty)
« Last post by shindai on Today at 12:48:54 PM »
Yeah i need your guys help. How do i start accepting Icoins because im mentioning it to friends theyre interested they just dont know how to accept it as currency. May i suggest to the site owners to Post a tutorial on how to make a wallet. Im pretty sure they are some threads but like a link on the homepage that says like NOW ACCEPTING ICONS HERE IS HOW TO COLLECT IN YOUR WALLET! Type deal ya know? I plan on also buying icoins from anyone. I want to load up my little bros wallet with 100 million On the eve of christmas Lol he will be shocked and just stare at it all day lol.

But if anyone can send me some info or if we all get to know one another and see where we can go with this. I am starting to believe there is alot of potential for Icoin in fact we shud petition it to be accepted by itunes. That will be a huge game changer.
Can someone please explain how a retail business can actually take IFC in a simple and efficient manner?
General Infinitecoin Discussion / Re: Infinitecoin Accepted Here
« Last post by Dicey on Today at 12:34:03 PM »
Great stuff! Lots of people are doing graphics, these need to be kept in one place where everyone can access them.
Im on bter, have been for almost a week now. Not encountered a single problem other than some minor lags from time to time. Deposits/Withdraws Are really fast too! So I can only reccomend it.
pity that

they trade 65% of all ifc
General Infinitecoin Discussion / Re: Infinitecoin Accepted Here
« Last post by sscultima on Today at 12:23:53 PM »
love it
Project Development / Re: Free IFC - Giveaway ! 100 x 1,000 IFC
« Last post by almophiussmoo on Today at 12:13:55 PM »
Why thank you!

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