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General Infinitecoin Discussion / Re: Infinitecoin Accepted Here
« Last post by Strus on Today at 12:13:30 PM »
Project Development / Re: Lets get IFC to businesses! (Bounty)
« Last post by Blade007 on Today at 12:08:04 PM »
Thanks shindai for making this Bold and necessary step. Might I suggest sharing with your brother from your first sale. That might be cheaper than buying on ebay at the current prices.
Well Done!
Project Development / Re: Lets get IFC to businesses! (Bounty)
« Last post by TECSHARE on Today at 12:04:26 PM »
Hello folks, I am not too much involved in this cryptocurrency idea. I was told by my little brother who saw some ebay postings for 10,000,000 coins, he was going to spend  his school savings on it which is not that much. But I don't want him to feel down, the money doesnt mean that much in that sense, I rather have a smile on his face and him telling other kids to start using infinite coins or iCoin as he says it, to his friends and on their faces. I own a deli here in Kingston, Ny. I will be one of the first willing to accept Infinite coins as well as I will speak with a few other businesses in the area to accept business coins, I will notify a few friends in the county newspaper to put in some good word. Also, have a buddy of mine who works in the new york times, see if I could get him to get a posting, Highly doubt it, but what harm in asking.  The question is, how do I go about this? Do i take photos? What do you guys want me to do to help out here? I highly doubt someone will walk in with infinite coins, but hey, If i can get some news coverage from a friend of mine who says someone bought a meal with a load of infinite coins, and convince friends of mine who own restaurants to accept it, I think that will boost some eyes.

 I am not in this currency business, but I am doing it for my lil bro. I dont want him to shell out his money dollars on 10 million coins on ebay to be upset and realize his coins are no good. Its not the money here, its the principal. You guys are setting up a new Idea, a new currency system. Just my two cents, figured I could help out with anything I could. maybe build a website for my deli and add Accepting Infinite coins. He chose infinite coin because he kept saying icoin because he has an iphone and uses itunes.

And btw my little bro says he created a coinex with his hash code. He wants to know if 10 million iCoins lol is a good deal for 780 bucks from a Ebay guy?

Thanks alot guys

This is totally awesome! Also a great story. I hope your brother is happy :)
I know you have made a lot of IFC users happy. Please PM me if you need help with anything. Thank you!
Project Development / Re: Lets get IFC to businesses! (Bounty)
« Last post by TECSHARE on Today at 12:01:44 PM »

TEC, no one going to donate anything unless its is clear what will be done with that fund! Just saying it will be used for "IFC development" is literally wrong! I was hoping you provide an address here; not just hijack the thread!
And you removed my sig which asked funds for IFC development! One Word: Insecure! You just want to collect all the funds and do the development as you feel right, nothing wrong with that but if someone else has good ideas dont hijack the thread if you cant help!
I have changed my sig to "Unofficial (Because TECSHARE wants a one man show!) IFC development fund: iBLi2iEoJev17UMFWUVZ6pevLBjB7wsjPL" Please dont delete this!

You don't see how it might be a security issue with everyone pretending to collect official looking "IFC Development Donations"  of their own? You criticize me for not being clear what the funds will be used for but how much of your money have you spent developing IFC? How much time? Who are you to throw these accusations at me? Do you have a reputation lasting years, hundreds of trades, with some valuing in the thousands of dollars with all agreements met as promised? I should not have to pay for all of these IFC development projects out of my own pocket and I am sorry if you don't like that you can't put your begging cup up on my site and make it look like it is sanctioned by me or the forum. If you want to collect donations here you WILL make it clear it is not official. As far as the address I posted, anything spent out of that donation fund for IFC development will be public record in the thread I posted it in.
superb !!
This is really cool. Great work guys!
Mining Support / Re: Mining still worth it?
« Last post by bebes on Today at 11:53:01 AM »
Hey berm,

Actually, I was going to build the middle option from the link you sent me a few days back.

(Just a little unsure of my ability to get the software sinked after the hardware is connected) - I was running into the problem on my macbook, where it was returning a new block almost every five minutes, but not giving out any coin cause I was on the wrong block chain, I think is what it sounds like. I don't know how to fix that although I'm going to try. I'm expecting somewhere between 1300 kh/s and 2600 kh/s if I follow the directions correctly. And no bill for electricity. What do you think? Best.
Economics / Re: Investment
« Last post by crazyhouston on Today at 11:51:40 AM »
People reserve it but dont buy it, hmm,  You dont happen to sit on 20million+? :)

No that's why i want people to join on board of this great investment game. Spread the word.
Great! To bad i don't live there.
Economics / Re: Investment
« Last post by Hampuz on Today at 11:48:20 AM »
People reserve it but dont buy it, hmm,  You dont happen to sit on 20million+? :)
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