Download & install the IFC client

First, you will need to download the latest IFC client. Once you have downloaded the client, you'll have a few hours of syncing to catch up with the network block history. The time to complete this step will vary based on internet connection speed, and computer processing speed. This step is required in order to start sending/receiving payments, as well as mining. Once you have downloaded, installed, and synced the client, it will look like the image below without recent transactions.

Infinitecoin Main Wallet Screen

Verify that the IFC client is synced

To verify that your client is syncing with the network, make sure the qt-client is displaying the status bar. This will appear at the bottom of the IFC client window, and will look like the image below.

Syncing With Infinitecoin Network Bar

The amount of block history downloaded should surpass 600,000 blocks. Once you see the green check appear at the bottom right hand of your IFC client, you are now fully synced. To avoid long sync times in the future, please open your IFC client often. You can close your IFC client after the sync is complete.

IFC Client Synced

Congratulations! You have just set up your IFC wallet. Now it's time to secure your IFC wallet. This step is highly recommended to prevent your coins from being spent if someone should get your wallet.dat file. Read more about securing your IFC wallet