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The Infinitecoin wallet allows you to send or receive Infinitecoins. Please make sure you always have the latest version of the wallet client. The source code is available at GitHub.

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Mining Guide

Infinitecoin Mining Guide

All you ever need to know about mining Infinitecoin. Instructions on setting up your miner, and help for other technical questions you may have.

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Infinitecoin Forum

Check out the IFC forum, and keep up on the latest news, project develpoments, economics, marketplace, general talk, and a whole lot more.

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About Infinitecoin

Advanced check pointing

Our advanced check pointing system limits the effect of 51% attacks, and makes recovery much faster and simpler.

Warning message system

A warning message displayed in the client if issues are detected, warning users to postpone transactions until the network is secured.

Regular checkpoints issued

The block chain will be regularly monitored by the developers and regular checkpoints will be issued. This will help keep our network secure


Transactions under 100 IFC will have a fee of 200 IFC. Transactions under 10,000 IFC will have a fee of 100 IFC.