Find your wallet.dat file location

To find where your wallet.dat is stored, go to your start menu search bar and type %appdata%. This should display your ROAMING folder in which the Infinitecoin folder containing the wallet.dat file will be located. If you are planning on moving your wallet to a new computer, you will need to backup the wallet.dat file in the Infinitecoin directory. Move the wallet.dat file to an external drive.

IFC Wallet Dot Dat File Location

IFC Wallet Dot Dat Folder Location

Save time syncing

To save time syncing the IFC client on your new computer, you can backup the entire Infinitecoin directory, and move it to your new system. Download the IFC client here. Once the client is downloaded, you can move the files you backed up from the Infinitecoin directory to the same location on the new system. Next, open the IFC client and it will finish syncing. Your coins, and transactions will stay intact.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to move, and restore your IFC wallet. Read more about crypto-currency