The benefits of Infinitecoin

Infintecoin is fast becoming the biggest internet currency since Bitcoin. Merchants are quickly realizing the benefits of Crypto Currencies and Infinitecoin makes this technology practical for everyday use. Infinitecoin is currently the fastest Completely Secure Transacting Crypto currency in the world! Our engineers were able to develop a 3 sec per block transacting coin which is ideally suited for today's time sensitive needs.

For example, Bitcoin currently processes complete transactions in about an hour. In other words from the time a user sends their Bitcoin to another user, the recipient of that Bitcoin transaction will have to wait up to an hour before the coin's they received become "spendable" again. With Infinitecoin, the first confirmation is received in 12 seconds.

CreditCard/iPay VS Infinitecoin

Our organization has recently had a flood of global interest in our technology

Our organization has recently had a flood of global interest in our technology and we are at the early stages of adoption. If you are a merchant and are interested in learning more about how you can start accepting Infinitecoin as payment or start using Infinitecoin as a payment method, contact us, and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.

Please note you do not require our permission to use our coin! This is an Open source project and you are FREE to start accepting Infinitecoin’s today! Your first step, if you have not already done so, simply download and install the IFC Wallet.

Your second step is to verify the unique IFC address that the wallet program created for you. For added exposure and credibility, you may want to download our "Infinitecoiin Accepted Here" badge. You are free to post this badge along with your IFC Wallet address on your website today!

For merchants that already have online stores with automated checkout systems, Infinitecoin, with the help from CoinPayments have developed Merchant API's that allow you to integrate Infinitecoin with your online store checkout system. Simply download our developed merchant API's, copy and paste them into your existing checkout system and Infinitecoin(IFC) should appear as one of the available currencies you can accept for payment!

Start enjoying the benefits today of being an Infinitecoin merchant without the expensive transactions fees that credit cards charge. If you are not technically savvy and would like some assistance with this process, visit our contact page, and send us a message.

Follow these simple steps below to start accepting IFC today!

(1) Download the latest version of the IFC wallet, just pick your operating system, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

(2) Open infinitecoin-qt.exe

(3) This is your digital IFC wallet. You will send and receive all your IFC from here. It's like your physical wallet, just with digital cash. The four colored bars in the picture below, indicates the strength of your connection with the IFC network. It should be in green after a couple of minutes of opening the wallet. The green checkmark shows that you are fully synced with the IFC network. Once fully synced, you can view all your transactions. This can take a few hours on the first launch, and will be significantly faster after syncing for the first time.

Infinitecoin Wallet Fully Synced

(4) Next, you will need to create an address to start receiving IFC coins. Go to the "Receive Coins" tab, and click "New Address" as seen in the image below. Businesses Note: Try making a new address each time, so you can easily track the purchase, and order amount for each customer. Entering your customers name as the "label", is also a great way to track repeat purchases from the same customer.

Infinitecoin Merchant New Wallet Address

If you would like to use one of our Infinitecoin badges on your website, please visit our brand page. We thank you for using Infinitecoin at your business, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.