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Author Topic: BREAKING: CoinValidation service seeks to remove anonimity from Cryptocurrency.  (Read 24 times)

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This is a very dangerous time in the evolution of cryptocurrency. An organization calling itself CoinValidation... http://coinvalidation.com seeks to make anyone who wishes to use bitcoin, especially within the USA, to provide their name and contact info in order to legally use bitcoin within the USA.

This is a very dangerous precedent and will destroy the foundation bitcoin was founded upon. This is akin to monitoring every single dollar bill in the USA and making sure it did not come from nefarious origins.

They are saying, for example, if a coin was spent on the Silk Road, then that coin will be null and void.

In other words these asshats will be making themselves a central bank/clearing house/one stop shop for law enforcement to track all owners of btc.

People need to stop this NOW. This is bullshit.

Here is an article on Forbes


Here is a post on reddit that shows how 17th century legal precedent shows how this is a bad thing.


To me this is a power grab and by the traditional banking sector and law enforcement trying to muscle in on the action.
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