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Author Topic: Name of coin - Infinity - scare people.... Who what think about?  (Read 70 times)

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When I was newbie, I came to the IRC channel, trying to sell my 12 bitcoins.

I have meet developer of "devcoin". Dude say me: "Some one hire him to build devcoin"

"Devcoin is infinity money" he said.

I have ask him, what he meant.

He say: "never complete - unlimit !"

This is money for developers.

I laugh to present. They break idea about deflation in the root.

When I have meet infinity, my first sight was: "Again INFINITY", I'm only now discovery that it is finite.

Nobody would mine coin that everyday lose their price. That is why, I'm think that Name of coin "infinitycoin" totally scary peoples from mining it.