For people jumping straight into the world of crypto currency without any previous knowledge, setting up and learning how to properly use your wallet can be a bit of a hassle. Below is a step by step guide on the use, functions, and safety measures you can apply while using your Infinitecoin-qt client.

Sending Coins

Below is an image of the client 'Send' funds function of the QT. This is how you are going to send your Infinitecoins.

Pay To: The section in which you would paste the address of your recipient's wallet
Label: The label you wish to apply to each specific address
Amount: The amount of Infinitecoin's you wish to send to the recipient address. This function can be adjusted to send IFC, mIFC, and uIFC.

Sending Infinitecoins

Receiving Coins

Another image showing the 'Receive' funds function of the QT. This is where you find the address in which you will use to receive your Infinitecoin's. Your address, by default will not have a label. This can be changed at any time.

New Address: Generates a new address to receive funds with
Copy Address: Copies the selected address for quicker pasting
Show QR Code: Displays the Quick response code for your address. For use on mobile devices and scanners.

Receiving Infinitecoins


This is where all of your transaction history while sending/receiving coins will be stored. This information can be sorted by day, week, month, and yearly filters. It can also filter how the payment was executed (Mining Reward, sent, received, other).

IFC Wallet Transactions

Address Book

Below is a picture of what your address directory will look like. It displays the address for each transaction you send or receive. You can also delete, or save these addresses.

Infinitecoin Wallet Address Book

Wallet File Options

Below is an image of what is displayed upon selecting the 'file' tab on the QT. Here you can backup your wallet.dat file to an external source for safe keeping, and also where you sign and verify address information. It is recommended to keep at least x2 wallet.dat backups, as you can never be too safe.

Wallet File Settings

QT Settings

Below is yet another image showing the different setting options the Infinitecoin-qt offers. You are able to encrypt your wallet.dat file, and also access other QT settings such as transaction fees, startup settings, network connection options, window options, and much more.

Wallet Settings Options

Main Window Options

Network Settings

Window Tab Settings

Debug Console and Help

The Debug Console provides client information such as software version, build type, most recent star up of the QT, debug log file and command line options. Allowing manual actions to be performed by the client user. Please review the command list for the debug console below.

Wallet Help Window

Wallet Information Window

Wallet Console Window